Nov 27 2017

When customer's contact us about a custom live edge furniture design, whether it be a live edge dining table, bar or island top, mantle or any other wood furniture design; some find it hard to visualize what their piece will look like when it's complete.  We send pictures of options of species of wood to use for their project and can imagine they think to themselves- "A dining table, from this piece of rough looking wood?"  They see a picture of a raw wood slab, possibly even wet and dirty, still next to the tree it came from.  It doesn't at all look like a piece of furniture.  Often, if their design is similar to another that we did previously, or even if the species of wood is the same, we will send pictures of other projects so they have a better idea of what it will look like.  Once a customer decides to move forward, we do our best to make it a simple, yet exciting process for them and we enjoy having our customer's involved as much as they like to be and feeling a part of the design.  Our passion and goal is to create a unique masterpiece, every time.  One that our customer's feel is even more beautiful than they imagined it would be.  

This live edge dining below, is one of our first creations and one of our favourite's.  It was made from a big wavy old growth maple slab (seen above) that came from a tree that had fallen naturally on Vancouver Island many years ago.  We cannot say exactly where it is from, as this slab had been sitting for over 50 years.  The gentleman we bought it from also used to make wood furniture and seemed excited when the piece was going to another designer to finally create something with it (or maybe he was just happy to see it go;)  For us, it really was unlike anything we had seen before and while it was dirty and rough and we could tell it had sat for a long while...we believed we saw great beauty and potential!  We called this dining table "Into The Groove" because it's live edges were so perfectly groovy!  We knew it was going to be a one of a kind piece, but had no idea the character it would have until it was finished.  It took a lot of time and energy to clean it up and make it smooth and as we worked on it, we could see how this table was going to be different.  Because it had natural crevaces and unique edges, which we felt should be kept natural, we had a custom piece of 6mm tempered glass created to fit on top, cut to the natural grooves of the live edges around it.   We then finished the dining table by faceting 1x3 steel black powder coated contemporary legs to the table top.  Voila!  A unique masterpiece and one that we will always remember as " the live edge slab that sat dirty and rough, hiding covered in a corner, for more than 50 years that no one seemed to want".  The "Into The Groove" table now sits in a customer's dining room in Vancouver, BC.  We think they love it as much as we did.

Dave Duckworth