At Willow Groove Live Edge Furniture, we like to create ART. Instead of just making wood furniture, we are always thinking of ways on how to make each design an art piece. Art that is beautiful, unique, and functional!

Each finished design that we create, is first a concept that we come up with, or that our clients bring to us. It usually includes the species of wood we will use, dimensions and sometimes the decision of legs or table base to be used. Once we have the concept, we like to think of more ideas on how to make that design a one of a kind piece of art furniture that can stand out as a showpiece in your home or business and be used for generations to come.

I purchased two beautiful tables, works of art. Welcoming wonderful people to work with, who really helped me create a west coast natural feel in my home.
— Gayle Bryant, Victoria, BC
“Fire In The Hole” Maple Coffee Table

“Fire In The Hole” Maple Coffee Table

This Cedar Round was designed into a Condo Style dining table for Gayle

This Cedar Round was designed into a Condo Style dining table for Gayle

Our Newest Art Furniture Design!

This is our most recent design, “Navigator’s Passage”, a gorgeous maple dining (or boardroom/office) table. Dave wanted to name it this because after spending so many hours in the shop making it, he saw the different patterns in it and the way that the table looks like a passage way. It features aluminum sitka trees on both ends of the custom table base, making for a unique Westcoast look. It is a true example of how furniture can be unique and beautiful art.

Navigators Passage Table 5.jpg

‘Navigator’s Passage’ Maple Table- Our NEW Signature Design

Measures 46" W x 92" L x standard 31" H